Song writing journey

Just completed my 4th assignment on a song writing course on Wednesday night. I was supposed to use my assignment 3 submission, to identify the stressed and unstressed syllables in this assignment. However, I got quite low mark for that, and after reading the comments from peer, I think I really didn't do well. So, I decided to redo a new lyrics.

Assignment 3 was to have a stable verse and an unstable chorus by using rhyme scheme. So, started from scratch again.

Started with "Hot sun in the afternoon, I'll know I'll see you soon." That was for the rhyme purpose for stable verse. :D

Was thinking of, shall I make it a love song? Nah... too lame. Then, think of my a few bad moments of the week, I decided to turn the lyrics into this. OK, I didn't follow the suggested tools, like boxes of progression and stuffs to construct this but, alas, time was ticking and I have to complete this before deadline.

Here's the lyrics.

Verse :

Chorus :

The chorus originally quite stable, because I had it for 6 lines. I repeated the first line on the 4th line, then continue with the "If you don't...". My last line was "So stop being mean to me". This added to the stability of the chorus.

After recorded and listen to it a few times, I just found this miss. So, this is my final submission. Not sure about the score yet. I'll know when I reach office tomorrow.

The recording actually sounded weird to me. I should be reading normally, but was affected by the drum beat and try to stressed according to what I wrote.

Anyway, this records a milestone for me because, I "completed" my 2nd work book of my song writing! I am going to start my 3rd song writing work book soon!

P/S: This song also serves to remind me, don't be so mean.