1.8 miles

This is my second "complete" song in English. Anyway, this is my 5th week and 6th week assignment. I have completed my course! Guess I will get my overall result in December. :)

It was actually 3.8 km, based on some what true story. And this is the 3rd song about it. Anyway, I found it weird to sing 3.8 km. Though 1.8 miles sound weird as well, but not sound as as so mathematically as 3.8 km gua. ^^ 1.8 miles is not exactly same as 3.8 km too, just an "estimated" value.

Week 5 was on creating a new song, considering the idea "propagation", rhyme scheme, rhythm of the song, and the melody, full flow of a song writing! Frankly, I didn't actually do the adjusting the note for stability/instability. In fact, my original solution to get the song done on last Wednesday night (within the few hours) by using one of my other song's melody to fit into the lyrics. Anyway, finally the melody flows into my mind right after I played guitar on the same chord progression for a while.

Due to last minutes, I didn't have luxury time to do more recordings to get a better one, but I don't think I can improve much for the recording too. ^^

As I did this assignment, I didn't realize that week 6 would further develop the melody part of the song. It's focusing on the strong beat/weak beat, strong/weak bar, again, stability/instability. :D

So, to get the stability/instability feel that it "should" be, the song turn into this.

Does it sound "stable" on the first 2 verses and the bridge, and "instable" on the last verse? I didn't have time really to listen to it yet. Hopefully, I can work on this song further later... After I catch up with all other courses... maybe next year? :D

OK, I completed this course. Hopefully I can enroll in the capstone project next year to complete this specialization.