Created this blog months ago. I remember, this was for recording my thoughts on music. However, I don't know how to start it, or what to write in this.

I have some other blogs. I almost wanted to give up on this, as… I have already been sharing my songs and my thoughts in other blogs. Why don't I continue with that practice? Anyway...

I have been unable to write lyrics for a long long time. Before started [愛信情], my last "complete" song was last year September. Before this, the next last song should be in 2010. [愛信情] is a new project that I'll be focusing on now, and for me to start with, in this blog. I have my second song composed, but not recorded yet. I need to get my finger to be "exercised" enough to handle it. :)

I'll be writing in multi-languages, depending on the random thought generation. The stories or thoughts that I share here is "虛構". (若有雷同,純屬巧合) ^_____^


  1. Hi, I recently came across your Youtube video of 泡泡歌 and really like it. Can I please use it in my Mandarin classes with kids when we blow bubbles? This is our website:

  2. Hi Serene. Good day! Feel free to use it. I hope the kids enjoy the song too. Have a great day! :)

  3. The kids will love it, thank you! May I also put a link to the Youtube video on our Facebook page (it's public access)?

  4. Hey, no problem. Appreciate that. :)